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Our familyIl Forno Bakery, formerly known as Ramon Eduardo Food Distribution, started as a

dream, quite a small one, back in 1995. The company started with only 2 customers,

Joe Allen & Orso Restaurant, who are still loyal customers to this day. The business

was built with the help of only one driver. Slowly but persistently, we began to spread

samples through out the Tri-State area. By the end of 1999 we had approximately

250 customers. In 2004, we found a prime location in the Industrial Market of Hunts

Points in the Bronx. After some time smoothing out the quirks with the place, we were

ready to open up in April of 2005. The road to this success was a little bumpy because

we did not have all the employees we needed. Since my children happened to be on  

spring break, they got to experience the bakery in all of its glory first hand. This was

probably the most rewarding moment of my life. We now have more customers than

we have ever had before and are always looking to expand. The yearn to grow never

subsides, and neither will the quality, service or dependability from us to you. I owe this all to my mentor and role model, Joe Allen, who through his

counseling and advice pushed me to make the business decisions that needed to be made, and the result of these sacrifices have made the difference.


Some of our clients

Want to see yourself here? Let us know!

Want to see yourself here? Let us know!

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A&S Wyckoff

A&S Wyckoff

Do not be fooled by the quiet and serene location of this New Jersey Deli, they're food screams classic Italian with a modern edge. Angelo takes great pride in his work and documents everything using mouth-watering, drool worthy, "I-want-to-jump-into-the-computer" kind of photos! They also cater, now if only we could clone Angelo . . . . ;)